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Harry Potter Fanmix: Still Got Spots, James/Lily

Title: Still Got Spots
Subject: James/Lily
Summary: My motherfucking OTP y'all. Spans from sixth year to near the end of the first war.
Ben Whishaw as James, Rose Leslie as Lily.
Notes: Mix includes front and back covers and a .zip file of all 10 songs. Enjoy! :)

download | listen

one. She's Got You High, Mumm-Ra. have you lost your mind or has she taken all of yours, too? she's got you high.

two. Be Less Rude, Frightened Rabbit. you should be less rude, you don't know what it might do for you. i'd be less rude to you, we might just get along, too.

three. Imaginary Women, Lovers. if there's angst in my homage you'll be the first to hear it, if you're locked in my collage there's no reason to fear it, it just grew and grew and grew, like a vine i grew and grew to you. i can see you see you underneath the facade.

four. The Start of Something, Voxtrot. oh, take me on back, take me on back, take me back to the place where i could feel your heart, is this the end or just the start of something really, really beautiful wrapped up and disguised as something really really ugly?

five. Paris, Kate Nash. no one else could ever understand what it's like between us and that's between us, but i know you'll never listen to me, no, you'll never listen to me. said you'd lend me anything, i think i'll have your company.

six. I Just Do, Dear and the Headlights. telling my friends i gotta go, that i need rest but i'm running for the phone, in case you call. when i look at you, i've caught myself off-guard a time or two, those funny times i realize that i've been staring way too long and you're done talking, not to mention i've stopped breathing. i'm such a mess. i just love you, i just love you.

seven. If She Wants Me, Belle & Sebastian. someone above has seen me do alright, someone above is looking with a tender eye upon her face, you may think you're alone but you may think again. if i could do just one near perfect thing, i'd be happy, they'd write it on my grave or when they scattered my ashes. on second thought, i'd rather hang about and be there with my best friend, if she wants me.

eight. Taxi Cab, Vampire Weekend. in the shadow of your first attack, i was questioning and looking back. you said, "baby, we don't speak of that," like a real aristocrat. you're not a victim but neither am i, nostalgic for garbage, desperate for time.

nine. Such Great Heights, The Postal Service. when you are out there on the road for several weeks of shows, when you scan the radio i hope this song will guide you home. they will see us waving from such great heights, "come down now", they'll say, but everything looks perfect from far away. we'll stay.

ten. Challengers, The New Pornographers. "be safe," you say. "whatever the mess you are, you're mine, okay?" leave it there, leave it to us. we are the challengers of the unknown.

Tags: # fanmix, - fandom: harry potter, . het, character: james potter, character: lily evans, pairing: james/lily
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